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Whether you are a jazz aficionado, a jazz musician, or someone who is simply interested in knowing more about jazz music and the history of jazz, we invite you to join our organization. For the Love of Jazz is open to all. We especially encourage community members of the Reno-Sparks-Tahoe areas who want to be informed about what's happening locally with the jazz scene.

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If so inclined, you can become a donor with a paid membership donation which helps For the Love of Jazz sponsor, co-sponsor and promote concerts and educational events by local and national artists. Donors receive discounted ticket prices for priced events and are invited to a free annual concert presented exclusively for paying members.

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For the Love of Jazz is especially thankful for our generous Jazz Patron Circle membership donations! And, we show our thanks by offering our patrons early preferred and discounted seating, private artist receptions, recognition publicity on our Website, and special hospitality events. Such generous gifts from our patrons also help sponsor and promote jazz music and culture in our community.

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For The Love Of Jazz is a non-profit 501(c)3 Nevada organization in existence since 1974. Please consider becoming a member of this great organization. Your generous contribution helps make Reno a premier destination for jazz music and jazz music education for today and for many generations to come.